Bug on iPhone – Running iOS 5.1.1 [and how to replicate it]

I have come across this weird bug for a long time now and I thought (once I figured out what is causing it) to share it with you. Don’t worry it’s absolutely safe – nothing will happen to your phone and it’s totally reversible.

So let’s get started…

Bug description: Keyboard stays active after leaving search iPhone screen
(as described in this Apple Support Communities Discussions).


  1. Go to Settings > General > Network > VPN (remember iOS 5.1.1)
  2. Select Add VPN Configuration
  3. Select PPTP and fill-in the form with fake data (doesn’t matter – we’re not trying to set-up a real VPN)
  4. Save
  5. Now turn the VPN ON. You should get a message ” VPN Connection – The server is unreachable, bla bla bla… “, press OK.

That’s it! Now head to the iPhone search screen and swipe to go back to the apps. The keyboard should remain as shown in the first picture above.

OK, great. What do I do now?
Well you can launch and then close any app and this will let you get rid of the keyboard appearing in the apps screens but only until the next time you visit the search screen again, then it comes back. Don’t worry though, a reboot of the device will fix it completely. Now, if you missed the bug just turn the VPN back ON again!

– To delete the VPN settings go back to Settings > General > Network > VPN, select the VPN we used and scroll down to find the delete button.
– I have only replicated this on iPhone 4 and 4S so not sure wether the bug can be replicated on other devices running iOS 5.1.1
– Hey, I’m not responsible if you messed up following my instructions and broke your iPhone!

And for those following my posts…
I’ll be soon releasing another very interesting flowchart infographic so stay tuned!


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